Ljubljana Well Done

Hang out like you're a local

E-commerce, UX design, UI design, Development, Strategy

production 2018..

project description

In every city or place you visit, wherever you are located around the world, you want to have those true local, insider information. Where to go hang out where the locals like to drink coffee and where you can eat well. You are looking for the best burger, great steak, fresh fish, perhaps the best hot dog, pizza or you want to know where they offer the real traditional food.

Ljubljana Well Done is a book – a guidebook of culinary adventures led by two typical residents of Ljubljana who know where and why. The book is the best approximation of two cheerful friends who await you in the city and take you to their favourite food corners.


Web site and web shop that brings book's friendly voice to digital and in a simple way introduces users to the book and people behind it's making.

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